Asiansexdiary - Cookie
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Cookie


Pornstar: Cookie

Dear Diary, Big day today. At first, I was not expecting to see Cookie again so I went to the Carrer d’en Robador (where I picked up those 2 Thai girls before). I was clearly too early. There were some Latin-American girls that did not like me filming there. I started to give up when Cookie finally replied to my message and asked if we would still meet. Big surprise. We met 1 hour later and she arrived in a stunning pink dress. I fell instantly in love with her again. We met in my hotel and she was all ready for a shoot. She told me that she was super shy about this and that it was Fon who convinced her to come. We talked a long time and I felt that she wanted to do it but just felt too shy about herself. Regardless, we started to make some pictures but just look at how cute and embarrassed she got when I asked her to take off more clothes. So horny, man. I also took off my clothes, kissed her and touched her body once in a while. That trick worked perfectly to make her horny, as well. Man, look that petite body of hers. I was first not really believing in it, but 30 mins later she was all naked with me licking her wonderfully-delicious pussy. She got so horny that she instantly started to suck my dick. What an amazing girl. I came 3 times inside of her. In almost every pose we took, I creampied her. Look how active she was, herself. She came 3 times too! She told me this afterwards. We exchanged our numbers and she seemed sad that I leave tomorrow. Maybe meeting in Bangkok when she goes back next year? We’ll see. She left 1 hour later with her Barcelona bat on the head. Viva Barcelona!