Asiansexdiary - Amira
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Amira


Pornstar: Amira

Dear Diary, While the whole island was panicking over a volcano, I simply met with Amira, who was as cool as I was. She is a girl that has been working in porn for awhile. I was totally surprised how normal, sweet and intelligent this girl was. It was as if it were a normal date with normal girl. We went to eat in a very nice Bali restaurant and really had a great time talking with each other. I felt almost bad asking for a shoot but she was cool with it, even if she looked surprised and shy by my request, as well. Life is strange sometimes… you meet a porn star and it feels almost offensive to ask for a fuck, haha. Anyways, after 1 hour of talking and socializing, we went to my hotel and did a shoot. Once we started to kiss, she finally transformed in the porn-animal she really is. Man, what a beauty and what a nymphomaniac cock sucker! This was just awesome. She even let me creampie her… as simple as that. After we finished, she told me that she really liked me and it was no act. She asked to meet again when I go to Budapest. Love is in the air! Wow, what a great holiday… and I have Asian pussy coming tomorrow, guys. I don’t understand this drama over a volcano. I am far away from it anyways, even if I could see the cloud today.