Asiansexdiary - Kim
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Kim


Pornstar: Kim B

Dear Diary, Just like yesterday, I decided to try my luck on the streets. After a 20 min walk, I bought some cookies and a drink at a 7/11 close to my hotel when suddenly, I saw a girl waiting alone and texting across the street. The first thing I saw were her incredibly sexy and long legs. She looked like a Pinay or Indonesian girl, so I decided to go for it (especially after all the comments here asking for pinay girls). I was so damn right! She was smiling and open with me from the start. In fact, this video is a perfect tutorial for my “how to make her pose” articles on the Try It Out For Yourself section of my site. You can see that this girl was not camera shy and gave all signs of liking my presence. I asked her to walk with me and that is what we did. Her name is Kim, a 25yo from Manila, and works for a travel company. It was a nice chat and I started to mention my hotel. She seemed to be curious, so I invited her. “Can”, she said. A guy with my experience knows that it will be happy boom boom soon, but of course, I wanted more Once in my room, I started taking photos of her and told her how beautiful she was, how much I loved her legs, making jokes about her red panties and so on. Keep it cool and fun. And yes, action was coming and I just kept on filming it, even with a second camera. She was wet from the start. Making pictures just made her crazy-horny! It didn’t take long before she was sucking my dick. I think she didn’t have sex for a long time. She was so cock-hungry, my god. And screaming stuff like ‘shit’ ‘fuck me’ ‘oh yes’. That’s how I like them; innocent from the outside but naughty monsters inside. Then the creampie to make it even more perfect. Pinays are just so great! You guys must be also happy, 2 Filipinas in one week! Enjoy!