Asiansexdiary - Angel
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Angel


Pornstar: Angel D

Dear Diary, Guys, what follows is one of the horniest shoots I ever made… especially since it was so unexpected! Recap: Angel has been playing me for 2 weeks, like cat and mouse. Was she interested or not? All I got was a shy innocent looking 19yo Filipina, living with her aunty in Philadelphia, who has never worked in a bar and never kissed a foreigner. Her behavior was logic. We had a first date and we talked. Nothing more. Then nothing from her for 4 days. Her phone was even off. But then suddenly, one message and a chat. Seemed interested at least. Now FF to the new date with her today, and it was full off surprises from the start! 1. She arrived on time 2. I told her to come straight to my room… and she did without asking any question. (tip from Noinoi) 3. She had a sexy dress on with high heels 4. She was open for picture-taking. Uhg… what happened? Women can be so unpredictable sometimes! But – it only gets better… Of course, she was still shy at the start but then when she was posing, I saw how she started to change. I remembered the other wise words of Noinoi this week and tried to play her on the ‘naughty girl’ side instead of the good girl. I also used my proven tactics: confirming her beauty, touching her once in awhile and asking for a kiss. It’s after that kiss that everything changed. Suddenly, she started to play the naughty girl (Noinoi, thanks bro!). The naughty factor was a game changer and afterwards I believe it was even a fantasy of hers. I asked to continue that game and she did. Everything went so easy and fast. She took me by surprise. Taking off her clothes was no problem at all. She was wearing a t-back, so she must have been imagining that scene in her head before coming here. Yes, this girl just needed a good fuck (normal if you live for so long with a controlling aunty) and was a secret naughty girl, playing with her pussy at home and dreaming of white dick fucking her wildly. I was just lucky not to have given up on her. But I honestly never expected this. I thought it would have been hard and complicated to make these kinds of pictures with her. But no, once I asked her to take off her bra, she asked me to kiss her boobs! Man, watch those boobs! Probably one of the most beautiful pair of boobs on this site! Then came off her panties, she said “I am so horny”. I felt her pussy, freshly shaven and so damn wet! I couldn’t wait anymore, I ate that pussy and put my dick in her. This was SO good and she made those horny little noises. First with me on top, then her. I came once already. Then, she started to give me a wonderful BJ, even deep-throat. Then, licked my balls. I fucked her doggy and came a second time. I wrote the date on her boobs and went for a third round. Fucking awesome! We talked for 2 more hours after this and then she had to run home. Her aunty started to send messages. She left and sent me a message when she was back home. She wrote: I miss your dick already, Mister Malibug! (means: horny man) I am happy to leave the States tomorrow but I regret not seeing this girl again, honestly. Life is hard sometimes. And unpredictable (like a chocolate box!)