Asiansexdiary - Angela
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Angela


Pornstar: Angela

Dear Diary, Angela came over today! The mystery girl I have been chatting with for 4 weeks now. In the beginning, she only showed her boobs, but last week I finally saw her face for the first time. She looked so beautiful on the webcam that I invited her to come over, and today she was here. In person, she was as beautiful as I had hoped. She had a beautiful dress on also. Great boobs, face and body. Interesting little diamond things on her teeth. We made some nice pictures and I was surprised to see that she was a little shy now. When I showed my dick, she blushed—-too sweet! Anyway, she knew what she was coming for, so we went on touching, kissing and eventually fucking. This was really a great fuck! I love when girls scream; it made me think of Kikai. I got some nice shots of her boobs bumping up and down and me slapping her fat ass. This will be a good video for my diary’s collection 🙂 I also gave her my small cheap camera before she went home. She promised to bring it back before the end of the week, hopefully with some nice footage on it! (and hopefully before China attacks us all here in the Philippines)