Asiansexdiary - Lan
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lan


Pornstar: Lan

Dear Diary, This afternoon, I discovered a serious problem with my Final cut Pro. I wanted to do some small editing but the program didn’t start anymore. Hard drive issues. I tried everything I could but it didn’t work. I lost my entire day looking for a macstore in Phnom Penh that could actually help me. I promise you, this was almost impossible. But just before 6pm, I found a solution. The store will try to help me out and promised to have my laptop back to me on Monday. So guys, there will be no clips until Monday, for sure. But life goes on… So after all that, I went out looking for pussy. I walked to the streets with bars and ended up at Sharkys where it’s said to have Viet girls. Sitting there for just 10 min, a viet MILF came to sit at my table and we had a nice talk. She agreed on making pics. First we went to eat some Thai food, then to my room. A lovely lady with a great body. I fucked all the stress out of me. In today’s update you can see the pics already for you and I will continue to upload the pics in the coming days. By Monday, you can expect all the clips to be placed for today, tomorrow and the weekend’s updates. Sorry for that. My hands are tied.