Asiansexdiary - Anita
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Anita


Pornstar: Anita

Dear Diary, Some of you will be very happy here… I did it, I found a pregnant lady to shoot today! I remembered a member here asking for pregnant sex when I was in PI. So, just a few weeks later, here it is. Isn’t that good service? When I went to a fastfood Asian resto to test it out, I saw a chubby and sexy lady smiling at me. I told her that I could buy her food and she said “yes”. Bingo. We sat together and her English was soso… but I felt like she might be pregnant, and she was, 5 months! Big belly already. I had to bring this one to my room and to my surprise, she was totally into it. Of course this girl is a typical case of a boyfriend who ran away, so she had no problem in meeting a nice and friendly foreigner 🙂 Once in my room, it went slowly at first, she was shy. Once I started to touch her fabulous big boobs, I felt that she was totally into more. So I sucked her nipples, they were delicious. Licked her pussy and it was fabulous! Then I fucked her, unbelievable! This was the first time ever that I fucked a pregnant woman. It was never my fantasy but thanks to you guys, I tried it out! Enjoy!