Asiansexdiary - Cat & Luk: Part 1
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Cat & Luk: Part 1


Pornstar: Cat Luk

Dear Diary, I had my date with Cat and Luk today. At 1pm, I went to the restaurant that they had suggested to me. I arrived there on time but still needed to wait for them. Once they arrived, I found out that their English was very poor. We talked for an hour to be sure that they agreed on making a shoot. I didn’t film that part, as there was an annoying Italian guy who was trying to participate in our conversation and in-fact, was only interested in stealing my girls. So, I kept it short and first took Cat to my room. Luk went shopping in the meantime. I must say that Cat and Luk looked both better then I expected. I could already see that Cat had big boobs under that dress. She brought a nice blue dress with high heels especially for this shoot. Luk told me that she also brought something special to make pictures with (but that is for tomorrow). Once in my room, we talked a bit longer. Cat is 18yo and still a student. I must say that I was really amazed by her beauty. The more she undressed, the more she looked stunning to me. Of course, those perfect boobs of hers reminded me of the boobs on that Chinese girl in the Flight Club store. Cat was really relaxed and did everything I asked. I got a good long BJ and then I just wanted to fuck that small student pussy of hers. Cat was a bit silent and passive, I must say. It was not the horny MILF sex I expected, but more of a starfish. I honestly didn’t mind and just enjoyed it so much. Creampie-ing a girl with such tits is really the greatest pleasure on earth. After we finished, I asked her about that and she said that she did enjoy it and that she is just like that when she fucks. Fair enough. We then went outside to eat with her best friend, but that is for tomorrow…