Asiansexdiary - Apple: Student #1
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Apple: Student #1


Pornstar: Apple B

Dear Diary, First day of student hunting today. I left my room in the afternoon and went to the Victory monument. It’s full of little shops where students from different universities come to eat and shop, or to take a bus home. I wandered around and saw many possible targets. I tried to find a girl who was walking alone and didn’t seem to be hurried. After 20 minutes, I spotted one with a cute face and started to follow her. She bought something for her hair and walked away from the square. I knew that I had to try with this one. I was a bit stressed at first and hesitated. She started to feel that I was following her so I had no choice but to talk to her. She seemed cool at first and didn’t seem scared, so I continued talking to her. At one point, I asked her if I could take a picture of her and she said “yes”. That was the first good sign. Then, we walked together in a little park and I took some more pics of her. That’s where I talked with her a little more. Her name is Apple, a 19yo economy student in her second year of university. I asked if she liked to make pictures and she said “yes”, again. So, I asked if we could make more pics in my room. Positive reply, once again. Ok, these were all good signs but it didn’t mean yet that she wanted to get laid. In my room, I first took some pics in the small living room. She seemed very comfortable, so I asked her to do some more in my sleeping room. No problem at all and from then on, guys, I felt like this was going where we all want this to go! I started to play my game, did a few little things to see if she was really into me like asking for a kiss, opening her shirt a little more and touching her body. It’s when I saw her pink panties being wet, that I knew for sure what was about to happen. She was horny as hell. Probably because of this naughty tension of a wild stranger looking at her and touching her. An older white guy with a white dick being so close to her… this situation must have been so tempting for her, too. So eventually, yes, I simply just started to undress her, eat her pussy and fucked her while she still had her school uniform on. What a dream and what a perfect way to be welcomed back to Asia. Also, for you guys, you are getting a 1 hour exclusive video here with me banging a Thai student. On what other site will you see that? (Yes, I am kind of proud! haha) Apple gave me her phone # and then left. An hour later, she was already texting me. She is a little in love, I think. To be continued 😉 Ok, so number #1 is creampied today. I want to at least do one more this week!