Asiansexdiary - Mercy & Aileen
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mercy & Aileen


Pornstar: Mercy Aileen

Dear Diary, Guess what!?!?! I got a message of Aileen, the skinny one, this morning! This is what she wrote: “Hi John, you are so funny. Oh so sad you leave already. Where you go na? Time to meet today?” HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!! So, they arrived at my hotel just 4 hours later in a very nice and horny mood. Their horniness immediately filled the room so I took out my camera, to make some pictures for their FB ;), and man… it all happened so very fast. They talked all the time, making sexual jokes, hoping to see my dick and they were insinuating that they were lesbians. This was going to be a crazy afternoon. Take a look at the episode for yourself and see how they were acting so innocent and shy yesterday at the zoo… now look at them today: Two horny bitches hungry for a foreigner’s dick!! We had fun in the shower and then both of them gave me a nice BJ. They were like professionals. Aileen seemed to have her ‘mens’… bad luck for me. Anyways, I was more into Mercy’s fat ass and I fucked her like crazy for it. She has not had sex for a long time and I could feel that. It was like fucking a virgin pussy. Delicious. So guys, I hope this is a good lesson for you too… never rely on first impressions. Shy acting girls are in reality, the best fucking bitches in the world!