Asiansexdiary - Barbra
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Barbra


Pornstar: Barbra

Dear Diary, Today, I wanted to check out a mall famous for having girls waiting inside. Been there, but saw only people shopping. No girls sitting alone. I would easily recognise that type of girl. At night, I went to eat in Speke hotel again, next door to the Rock Garden. I had a short talk with a heavenly madeup girl, that wanted my number but had no time now. No problem for me, as I already have a Chinese girl booked for tomorrow. But… 5 minutes later, on my way back to my hotel, I had a chat with a girl I met on the street. Her name is Barbra, a 22yo student. We walked together and talked. I persuaded her to go to my room for pictures but during this, sadly, I discovered that I must have done something wrong while recording. After she left, I found out that I did not film this part at all! Must have done something wrong. I only have footage from the moment I arrived in my room. Anyways, this was a very normal and casual girl. Not a pro, but just curious to meet a white guy. We started to make pictures and I had no clue if she would go for more. And yes, she did want more. She started to make horny faces and even touched her body. Oh yes, this girl was getting seriously wet. The rest of it, is to be seen in this extra long clip. I did what I do best: fucked the hell out of that student and she loved it! She came when I licked her pussy and she came when she was on top. The best of this girl is, for sure, her massive shaking butt. What a piece of art. I think this is the biggest ass on my diary now so far. Amazing creation of nature. After creampie, she had to leave and go home to her parents. She will come back to see me and even asked about tomorrow, but as you know… that is not possible. I told her I would call her. If you would like her to come back guys, I will do so. Up to you but for tomorrow, it’s Chinese pussy-time!! (I hope)