Asiansexdiary - Bee (Lucky #7!)
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Bee (Lucky #7!)


Pornstar: Bee G

Dear Diary, I have been spotting a young girl at the corner of my street since yesterday, close to my hotel. She was there alone. She was there again today around 7pm, so that was a clear sign for me to go talk to her. Her English was bad so I used my translator app. I was right, of course, and it just took 5 minutes for her agree to my proposal and to go to my room. Bee, 18yo, is a fresh girl from a village close to Chiang Mai (45 min by bus) and the daughter of a farmer. I just love these types of girls, non professionals and almost virgins. Once in my room, we started to make pictures and video, even if she was a bit shy, and it all went very smoothly. Nice body and nice little soft boobs. I could not wait so I showed her my dick! She understood, haha. Loved her slow BJ. I ate her delicious pussy and then started to fuck her like crazy. I get so horny fucking innocent girls like this, man! And wow, she was a good screamer as well! I fucked her in all positions that I could and some that she maybe never did before, haha. Creampied her, of course… faithful to my rule! We talked for 5 minutes and then she left. I hoped that she would stay but she said that she wanted to try and take a bus back home tonight.