Asiansexdiary - Meen ‘n Lean!
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Meen ‘n Lean!


Pornstar: Meen

Dear Diary, I walked to Patpong where I wanted to pick up a girl. Just before entering the bars, I saw a cute girl ordering some food on the street. I went closer to her. She was going to eat pig feet. It looked disgusting but I asked for the same to find a way to talk with her and it worked! I paid for both of our food and we walked together while eating the pig (was not that bad). I invited her to my hotel. She said “yes”. She is, for sure, a girl looking for some fun. Once in my room, I asked if she liked posing. She said “a little”. Good! My sign to go on! She did pose well until I asked to take off her clothes. There, she got more shy but continued never-the-less. She was shy about her small boobs but I gave her more confidence saying that I love small boobs. We went slowly into action and she gave me a passionate BJ. Got very horny and fucked her wildly! Loved her body and her face. My type of girl. Her little sounds when we fucked…. too good! Then… I made a nice creampie to end the story. It was dripping all over the place. I wanted her to stay but she preferred to go home. I was satisfied anyways! This was a good start of my bangkok visit!