Asiansexdiary - Clair
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Clair


Pornstar: Clair

Dear Diary, My camera is fixed, so I confirmed a meeting with Laiza! She came around 3 pm and looked so sexy with an Angry Birds t-shirt on, hair in dots and a sexy pair of panties that she was proud to show me. I was really into fucking her but I was also very charmed by her friend, Clair. This 21yo girl is a good friend of her older sister. Laiza told me that her two sisters also wanted to come back for a little boom boom but Laiza decided that I only want new girls now. Haha. She is right in a way but I would never say no to her younger sister, Jonalyn (remember her?). We had good fun, Laiza was in a perfect mood again, even texting to more girls to come over (she can text without looking!) And while Laiza was teasing me, Clair was sitting there, looking shy, but with a very horny demeanor about her. The way she looked at me, those eyes and that perfect silky hair… a typical Filipina beauty. I wanted to fuck her and I had a boner without even starting to do anything about it. She was my dick hard that easily and got quite horny about it, herself. Just look how she was staring at my dick. So I stood up to come close when she suddenly started to touch my dick, in front of Laiza. She was still shy, but both Laiza and Clair didn’t mind giving me a blowjob. Man, this Filipina is a girl for the Philippines to be proud off. Crazy horny, crazy sexy and crazy naughty. She gave me a nice deepthroat and it was only when I started to take off her clothes that Laiza decided to leave. She must have felt that something special was going to happen here. And yes, I must say that this was one of the horniest fucks since a long time. Pure passion! She touched herself, played with her pussy while I fucked her, screamed and was going all the way! I could cum at any time and I did it when I took her in doggiestyle! Look how I kept her silky hair in my hands, a pure beauty. I gave her a Royal Creampie as a personal gift and I hope she will come back soon. I’m curious what Laiza is going to bring me in the next few days. She is doing a great job right now!