Asiansexdiary - Thio
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Thio


Pornstar: Thio

Dear Diary, Took my rented bike out again and wanted to score today. I started to follow some girls on their bikes, until I saw one with a nice petite body. I asked her what her name is while riding my bike and she seemed to understand me. Her name is Thio. I continued to follow her and ride next to her and she seemed to like it so I asked her to stop at the park near the riverside. She said “Yes”. Once stopped, we continued to talk and she allowed me to take some pictures of her. She was clearly a smart girl. She owned a small bookstore before but has no work now. I continued to be polite and to my surprise, she was the one to take the first step by saying “We go now?” Wow, this one knew what she wanted. Clearly a horny girl. I only wanted to be sure that she would allow me to shoot our little short romance first and luckily, yes… no problem at all. Once in my room, she was all positive and laughing all the time. A bit shy, of course, but it was her first time doing a shoot. I must say that I really liked her petite body and especially her ass. I started to eat her pussy and she came very fast. She returned the favor by kissing my nipples and body all the way up to a great long BJ. Such a naughty girl, this was fun. I have been very lucky in HCMC, this is the third girl that I picked up with her bike. This is really special. We fucked for an hour and she came again when she was on top. I especially liked fucking her in doggy style. Creampied her and wrote the date on her legs. Mission accomplished! Vietnam is good to me!