Asiansexdiary - Denisa
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Denisa


Pornstar: Denisa

Dear Diary, Another great day, in Prague, on my first date with a Czech girl that I found on a dating site. Denisa is a 22yo ex-model that is now working on her own, making clothes. We chatted again this morning and she was super flirty with me. She said things like “I am now in a period in my life where I just want to have fun”. That is basically like saying “I just want to fuck”. So, I had high expectations about this lady… and I was right. We met at 5pm and when I got there, she already ordered a white wine. Another clear sign that she was into more for tonight. We talked there and I could see that she was not wearing any bra ( do I need spell this out??). After 30 minutes of polite bla bla bla, I introduced the pictures and modelling theme. This was such an easy girl, she got the message and agreed to go look at my pictures in my apartment. Of course, we both knew that we were going to do something else but I had to get my camera involved in all of this. I started to take pictures of her from the moment we arrived. In fact, to be honest, I am sure she knew it from the start that I was filming her. Just watch her reactions when we were walking towards my apartment. If she had a problem with this, she would have walked away immediately but instead… she smiled. Yes, she just loved it! After we finished and had another drink, she admitted that being filmed while having sex is a huge turn on for her… not surprising!. We started to make a long shoot, together, and she was making great poses for me all the time. She clearly has experience with this. It was very easy to get her undressed after she had been teasing me all the time with different sexy poses and I could see her boobs a few times. She knew what she was doing and she only had one goal: Get fucked, hard! I couldn’t resist calling her a slut and that made her even hornier. When I presented her with my dick, she came to suck it without even asking or instruction. It’s all true about Czech girls being easy and horny, my God. This was another great fuck, in Prague! No condom used here. It was never even mentioned. She only asked me not to creampie her, so I gave her a cum shower instead. So good. After that, we had a last drink together outside, very relaxed. We talked about seeing each other again and she said “We’ll see”, haha! Damn, a nymphomaniac dating psychoslut! Love it! I am now back in my room and still getting messages from Sofie. She wants to guide me around. What you think, guys? Is it not better to continue hunting and keep her as a back up?