Asiansexdiary - Novy
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Novy


Pornstar: Novy

Dear Diary, First, I changed to another room with better light before I went on my walk to the city to visit Victoria Park again. I was really horny today and wanted to find a normal girl, like a domestic worker from PI, Indonesia or even Malaysia. I felt that Victoria park would bring me the solution. I must say that I had to walk around for more than an hour. Many people. Chinese people playing with boats and doing gymnastics but no girl sitting alone. Yes, one Chinese girl, but she was on the phone. I decided to continue my search and come back later to try her. That’s when I saw a lonely girl smiling at me. Bingo. I sat next to her and we had a nice conversation. Her name is Novy, a 27yo nanny from Indonesia, Java. Ok, not the best face, but she was for sure very naughty. She was laughing and giggling. She liked my jokes and was clearly into more. I asked her to make a picture, she said yes. Ok, I knew I could go for more, and I was right. I asked her to make pics in my room and that was a yes, again. No time to loose, she said that she had very little time. Into a taxi back to my room in Wanchai it was. Once in my room, we started to make pics and she was still naughty and funny. That’s where I discovered her amazing body. Great tits and especially a perfect ass with a perfectly-shaped pussy, too. When I looked at her pussy, it was wet already. I was so horny that I started to fuck her right away. I fucked and creampied her in doggy. Then she gave me a BJ and asked to play with her pussy. Made me wild again, so we fucked for a second round. She came as well and at the end, I decided to give her a facial, especially for some facial lovers here. I think that this facial deserves an Oscar, haha. Great fuck, man! After her shower, she asked me if she could stay. I said yes, of course. We went to eat and now we will go to sleep soon. Probably another fuck in the morning guys!!