Asiansexdiary - Eva
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Eva


Pornstar: Eva

Dear Diary, I went back to the Wanchai discos tonight and was hoping for 2 things: not meeting Brenda and meeting a new girl for pictures. And I was damn lucky. I got what I wanted. There was one Indonesian girl dancing very happy all night, so I went to talk with her. She seemed to be alone. In fact, it was her last night out because tomorrow, she will move to Macau to work as a maid for a new Chinese employee. She worked in HK before for an Aussie couple but that was finished. So tonight, she wanted to celebrate and I was the right man at the right moment. She was all happy and liked me like crazy. She wouldn’t stop dancing and hugging me, so I took her to my hotel, of course. Indonesian girls in HK are the most horny girls I have ever had. They just love sex, they never heard of a condom and will suck you dry. No exception. I knew what I was taking home. So here’s Eva, a 25yo from Bandung. She’s been working in HK for 3 years now. Once in my room, it was action… immediately! No problem with my camera either, compared to China. For the beauty and hairy bushes, I prefer Chinese chicks, but for the wild and horny sex with a well shaven pussy I take Indonesian maids. But still, Eva with her small ass, nice boobs and being real cutie as well, is it! So yes, just watch the video, so fucking horny! No creampie, and that was a surprise, but look how she covered her boobs with my sperm! She is still here now and ready to sleep. She watched me edit the video and she was even helping me with some suggestions, haha. To be continued tomorrow morning…