Asiansexdiary - Felicity
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Felicity


Pornstar: Felicity

Dear Diary, Remember those two girls from the bar last week? When I had to choose between Carla and Felicity? I chose Carla at the time and I really didn’t regret that! That was an awesome night of hot sex. But I also couldn’t forget Felicity’s sad face when I left the bar that night. I started to text Carla to get Felicity’s phone number, but she didn’t want to give it. Maybe it was a jealousy thing. After a few days though, she finally gave me Felicity’s YM handle. So earlier today I was able to chat with Felicity and she was really happy to hear from me again. She eventually said she wanted to visit me tonight because she had her day off at work. Perfect! This girl is fantastic! She came in a sexy tiger-shirt with only her golden t-back on underneath. She even danced in front of me a little to tease me first; what a great attitude! When we started to kiss, she totally changed into a cock-sucking nymphomaniac. She took my dick as deep as she could inside her throat. I knew what that meant: she would fuck the hell out of me! And so she did! I was even able to do anal with her; something most Filipinas don’t like to do. She screamed so hard I got worried about the neighbors 😉 Before she left, she told me she will come back again soon; after her work, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I can only hope for that. After all, I’m already a lucky bastard to have screwed such a nympho hot Filipina.