Asiansexdiary - (Pattaya Lockdown) Puy
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - (Pattaya Lockdown) Puy


Pornstar: Puy D

Dear Diary, I’ve been hanging out at Soi 6 today, where some bars were kind of open (not officially, so no light or no drinks). A few girls were just sitting around eating and listening to music. I talked with a few of them, telling them that I was very desperate to find new pussy. As they were as desperate as me, I knew that this could help to create some sympathy. It helped. One of the girls told me that some bars are secretly doing business in the back. I went to one of these bars and indeed, behind closed doors there were like 4-5 girls sitting there and dressed up sexy. They even played some music. I talked with the cutest one, named Puy, who was immediately willing to go get laid. Only problem was that the power was off in their rooms and that they were trying to fix it right now. I was too horny to wait, so I went with Puy. The room was hot and had no lights on but I had an extra light in my cam bag (always ready to shoot, especially in these days!). I was all good to shoot. Damn, I was finally lucky with this girl! She’s 19 years old and from Chiang Mai. Only started to work in Pattaya just before the lockdown started. You could feel that she had not been with many guys before. Super cute and sweet, with an unbelievable body and very passionate ways. This fuck really made this trip (and my patience) worth it. Puy was really a great fuck and of course, I ended it with a creampie. Halfway through, the lights and air conditioner jumped back on. Great shoot, after all. I will visit this bar more this week because the other girls also looked great. Stay tuned!