Asiansexdiary - Filling up Oam’s hair ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Filling up Oam’s hair ...


Pornstar: Oam E

Dear Diary, Went for a walk to Lumpini Park park, hoping to catch a girl. After a 30 minute walk, it was clear that there were not so many girls walking around at this time. I decided to give myself a challenge to seduce any girl that I would meet from now on. I ended up talking ta a MILF, suiting alone. Her name is Oam, a 25yo. Damn, not a beauty but I wanted to follow my challenge and so I went on talking with her and even convinced her into a shoot. Using my translator app, I got to know that she is a soup vendor spending most of her days in the streets on her feet. This would for sure be the first time I’d have the chance of fucking such a type of MILF, so I just continued on with it and brought her to my hotel. Once we arrived, she was surprised by the room. She said she has never had seen such a beautiful room, haha. As she wasn’t that beautiful, I decided to go into action (immediately) and I must say that this little adventure turned out not so bad at all! She gave the best she could and I gave her all of my semen deep inside that pussy. Fun! I can tell you that she was happy with both the fuck and the tip.