Asiansexdiary - Hinwar
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Hinwar


Pornstar: Hinwar

Dear Diary, Changed to a nicer hotel, this morning, that offers a room with a kitchen and couch. Then, I walked around trying to make eye contact with local girls. That worked well, and many cute girls were smiling back at me, but they were never alone or could not speak English. A little later, I walked away from the big road and found myself in a small street where a MILF was walking in front of me. She was not wearing the traditional dress of local girls, so I guessed that she could be less-traditional in other ways. And damn, was I ever right! The moment that I approached her, she was all smiles. Her name is Hinwar, a 35yo local woman that spoke a little English. When I asked to take a picture of her, she said that she loved that a lot. I did not need more to know that I was going to have fun with this one. Asian MILFs are just so wild! I invited her to my hotel and she said “yes” – immediately – and once we arrived there, it escalated quickly! This milf was so cock-hungry! Just watch how she devoured my dick. This lady is not a beauty but who cares when you are having such a damn good service! I fucked her so hard and decided to fuck her ass as well. No problem with this one. MILFs everywhere the same, hahaha! I even creampied her asshole, at the end. What a delight! Kept her number, just in case I can’t find younger girls this week. Tomorrow, I am going to visit the Pioneer disco. Showed you the place yesterday already. I will go at night this time, though.