Asiansexdiary - Mai: Dress revenge 2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mai: Dress revenge 2


Pornstar: Mai B

Dear Diary Pang left at 11am this morning and said she would be back at around 4pm. That was a very short window of time to find a girl outside so I called a girl I once shot for tuktukpatrol and that I really liked that time. Her name is Mai, a 19yo living close to Jomtien. She replied to my message and could come over within 2 hours, she said. I told her that I was in a hurry and wanted her to come right now. She said she would only if she could take a shower in my room first. That was perfect, of course. 30 minutes later and she was there and took her shower. Still so skinny, sweet and horny. She gave first gave me a good BJ and I ate her delicious pussy before I asked her to put on a new dress (Pang’s black dress with panther details was perfect for her). Her petite ass came good out of it, loved it. I fucked her like a beast and she loved it as much as I did. She is such a naughty girl! I came in doggy and asked her to hurry since I was so stressed about Pang coming back. But once she was naked, she kissed me again and 5 mins later we were fucking again for a second round. I did that one as fast as I could. But man, this girl is so fucking good! Came and creampied her again. Then, rushed to put all the dresses back on their place and let Mai out. Pang came back just 30 minutes later. Wow, that was close! I like this little game. Still one more dress to do, so I need to find one more girl to finish this game.