Asiansexdiary - Honey & King Palace
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Honey & King Palace



Dear diary, I went for a visit to the King’s Palace. It’s beautiful but not that impressive as I expected for a king’s palace. I’m sure that they do it better in Thailand. By the way, There is some political stress here about the results of the elections. As for the mongerspots and tourists, It doesn’t really have an impact. As long as they don’t start to fight. I saw a few really hot girls visiting the palace, but never alone. I didn’t even try. I already had a date planned for today anyways. Remember the girl named Honey? The Filipina-looking girl that I met two days ago with Vee? At that time, she didn’t want to make pictures but Vee told me last night that she changed her mind. I was her type. That’s a good sign. So, we met around 7pm to go to a restaurant. She was giggling and making jokes all the time. When I showed her a picture of the King’s Palace, she didn’t even know what it was. Time to go to my room. She seemed too tired at first but she was luckily still in the mood for pictures and more! I took some great pics of her ass and that tiny body. I didn’t spend too much time on pictures though asI was afraid she would fall asleep. Once she started to suck my dick, we were on the right path. Look, this kind of girl is really what I like. Skinny, small ass and a horny attitude! her boobs could have been bigger but they were still good. I fucked her all the way until cuming inside of her. Good job, well done. I hoped she would stay but she wanted to go home. At least I will have a better sleep now.