Asiansexdiary - Jennifer
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jennifer


Pornstar: Jennifer C

Dear Diary, So, I finally went to Fields Avenue today! damn, what an experience. It really feels so strange to be back here. I had chills when I was walking through the street. It feels like walking in a dream, or revisiting a previous life. Anyways, Fields did not change a bit. Still the same shithole street with vendors, trikes and mongers sitting in the pubs. Koreans, whites, noise and that typical smell. I went in one of the bars, one that I was at a lot before, and talked to a few girls. The girl’s manager came and sat next to me, saying that she remembered me. Fuck, I did not remember her! Anyways, she asked me if I was still looking for girls to film. My God, this was going to be easier than I thought. We looked at the girls on the stage and since she knew that I was a filmer, I hid my iPhone. I definitely did not want to blow it with this woman.  All the girls were in black on the stage, so it was kind of hard to tell her which girls I liked. She talked with a few that I liked but they all refused 😕- Times have changed, I guess. Before, no girl would ever say “no”. The lady then told me that she was still expecting other girls to arrive but I was too tired to wait around. I told her to send me pics and send me them later at night. I left and only 15 minutes later, I got a message from her saying that she was sending a girl to my hotel. Filming no problem. And yes… there she was, Jennifer, a 20yo girl from Samar. Jennifer was not very talkative but I really liked her. No problems with me filming any of this and doing a shoot. She started to pose and I made her undress slowly. It’s then that I discovered that she was a mom already (was to be expected, really). But I honestly did not give a damn. I really liked her and I must say that her milky boobs were turning me on so very much!!! She started to give me a blowjob and when squeezing her boobs, her milk started to drip and that made me so fucking horny. That’s new for me! I never did this before and I fucking loved it. She was shooting her milk all over my dick and mouth… I drink it all out of her boobs, man! I don’t know if you guys like this but for me that’s a whole new discovery! Anyways, I fucked her and creampied her of course. Perfect first fuck on this trip. Before she left, I gave her my pasalobong from Prague. She loved it. This is a golden tip for you guys… it makes the girl happy and she will tell this to all of her friends at the bar. Next time you go to the bar, they will be all fighting to go with you (and get gifts as well). I’ll visit a market, tomorrow, and try to hunt there as well.