Asiansexdiary - Jenny: Friend of Ciara
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jenny: Friend of Ciara


Pornstar: Jenny

Dear Diary, Filipinas simply are the best!! This morning, I got a message from Ciara telling me that Jenny replied to her and had agreed to meet me. Even picture-taking was not a problem for her… although very shy. They both arrived (looking great) 2 hours later. Ciara had her hair done and had nice make up on. But, of course, I was focused on Jenny who was indeed very shy. Ciara understood the situation well and decided to leave. So there I was, all alone, with jenny. We started to take pictures and step by step, I asked her to take off her clothes. She was very shy and every time, I had to turn off my cam for a bit. Once she was warmed up, I turned the camera back on. You’ll see some time jumps in the video for that reason. Anyways, what a beautiful girl! I had a great fuck with this girl and creampied her good, of course! Such a great new Filipina Trophy! She left afterwards and agreed on meeting up again next week. I sure hope so! I got a message from my ex gf, Ann, also. Remember her? The half Australian girl. She said that we can meet next week. I replied: “Don’t forget to bring a friend! haha!” We’ll see… Long live Filipinas!!!