Asiansexdiary - Jewel
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jewel


Pornstar: Jewel

Dear Diary, Today I went to visit the biggest church in Angeles. It’s called Santa Rosario, built by the Spanish in the 19th century. A really beautiful looking building. They told me that next Friday there will be a special celebration there for Easter. There will be like a real live crucifixion and stuff! I will go for sure! On my way out of the Church, I met a cute chubby girl that was there to pray. Religious girls are often the easiest ones! You just need a little more time to introduce yourself and gain her confidence. So I started to talk with her and felt she was interested to talk with me a little longer. We took a trike to a coffee-shop (strategically!) near my hotel and after a little chat I proposed to take some photos of her. It was starting to get dark but she seemed to like the idea. Once in my room, I used my usual tricks to get her naked: telling her she is so cute, making jokes, being kind, acting like a professional photographer. Once naked, I went into alpha-mode and started touching her. I got her horny and then I got my newest Trophy! I loved her big jiggly boobs and tasty pussy! First, shy, religious and polite, then, her naughty side came to surface. A great girl and a great fuck! 🙂