Asiansexdiary - Ray
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ray


Pornstar: Ray B

Dear Diary, So… remember the girl that did not show up yesterday? I continued chatting with her, as she texted me 1 hour after we missed our appointment. She was just too shy to come to meet me and was too afraid. I felt like she was honest about it, so I continued to chat with her. It turns out that she never ever met with a foreigner before and works at a little patisserie here in Pattaya. She is just 20 and sounded a bit desperate, so I continued to push until I got her to meet tonight! Ray said that she was afraid that I would be disappointed when I saw her in real life. I finally convinced her and we met at a small restaurant close to my place. When she arrived, I suddenly understood her stress. She was indeed not as stunning as depicted in her pictures and it all suddenly made sense to me. She was really just a very boring random girl that was a bit chubby. But – I still decided to go for it since normal girl next door types are always making me horny. Especially if they never fucked a foreigner before and are deeply shy… So, off to my room… where I really had a great time with her! I took it slow and undressed her while kissing and making her feel relaxed. It’s when she started giving me a blowjob that I realized this girl was a horny little slut, haha. Just look for yourself and admire those big hanging tits and nice fat pussy! I honestly had a great time with her and creampied her, of course. I wonder now if you guys will like her as well. Let me know!