Asiansexdiary - Kop
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Kop



Dear Diary, I had another super-lucky day today. Tonight, I was just packing my stuff to leave for Bangkok tomorrow. I needed to buy something at a 7/11 and hurried. Heck, I did not even take my phone with me. There, just in front of the 7/11, a girl in a very normal almost-innocent dress smiled at me and walked straight to me saying that she liked me. I said “ok, girl, go with me to my room then”… to which she said “yes”! She only had 30 minutes, as she was on her way to LK Metro where she works in one of the bars there as a waitress. So, she really did need to be there in 30 minutes. I thought “ok, I can do a better shoot with her next time but I really need to fuck her now”. So – she came to my room where she was all over me once we entered. I could not even take my camera out quick enough to capture that but once in the bed, I took out my iPhone and started to shoot it – and she loved it. No time to undress, we fucked straight away and I fucked her only in two positions before I gave her a good creampie ending. She then ran off to work, without even taking a shower with my sperm still inside of her! Loved that! I got her number and she promised to come back for a proper shoot, when I come back to Pattaya again. I believe her. So yes, I’m off Bangkok tomorrow as I have some stuff to do there. More about this later.