Asiansexdiary - Kristina
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Kristina


Pornstar: Kristina

Dear Diary, I visited some tourist shops, this morning, and saw how they actually make those beautiful Bali dresses. After that, I rushed back to my hotel for my date with a fresh porn actress, named Kristina (someone know her stage name?). She was right on time and it was fun from the start. We never really agreed on doing a shoot but as she came from Valentina, I thought that this was obvious. Still, the girl was acting very innocent or maybe it’s just how she is… or it’s all part of the game… Anyways, after a long talk in the bar of my lobby, she agreed to go make some pics in my room. Very good sign already. I must say that I desperately wanted to fuck this girl. Totally my style. Petite, young and funny. What a beautiful face, as well. We started to do a shoot, in my room, and she was still playing a bit of “hard to get” but I persisted and finally got to flirt and kiss her until she was all naked in front of my camera. Look that ass, man… to die for! I could not resist licking that pussy and she loved it. From there on, it went all smooth and it was really very very very horny stuff. You can see that in this extra long video. I just didn’t know what to cut out. All the images were horny and great. In the end, she asked me to cum in her mouth. She wanted to swallow my sperm. What a little slut! She said it, herself, that she wanted to be my bitch today. I wish all the girls were like her! We are now going out and she said that she wanted to sleep over here. She already called Valentina (they seem to have a bit of a lesbian relationship, but I am not sure.. but 100% sure they are licking pussy in their room). More tomorrow!