Asiansexdiary - Lidia
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lidia


Pornstar: Lidia

Dear Diary, Today was a truly wonderful day to remember because of a wonderful girl named Lidia. I first saw her when I was at the bank at 9am in the morning. She was sitting behind me and I just set my cam to film her. First, I didn’t even think of having a chance with her. Asian girls in banks have boyfriends with money. Later, when I left, I waited for her outside and started to follow her when she came out of the bank. I just wanted to see more of her body and to watch her walk. The more I followed her, the more tempting it was for me to just try and talk to her… which I eventually did! When she smiled, I knew that this girl was going to make my day! She was so sweet and easy going, what a gift! I said “You come to my hotel?” to which she replied “Yes!” Keep it simple! I also started to see that her English was very poor but that only made it. Once in my room, we made pictures and had fun the whole time. She was giggling and smiling. I fell in love and I felt that she liked me, as much. Love at first sight! I must say that I am even starting to prefer Jakarta to the Philippines, when I am here. Girls are so sweet… and horny here! Just look at this girl, so fucking sexy. She has it all! Oh man, did I ever fuck this cutie! Heaven! I licked her ass, she sucked my dick, I licked her againm and she sucked me again then I licked her and so on… CREAMPIE! Wonderful. I hope to see her again!