Asiansexdiary - Nanda
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nanda


Pornstar: Nanda

Dear Diary, I changed hotels, this morning, and I really like this place but I still won’t stay for a second night. I’ll explain why later on but I decided to go back to the Kuta disco tonight to try my chances again. After just 30 minutes, I met a girl named Nanda (she really looked like a model to me). Tall and super skinny with beautiful face and is only 20 years old. We talked and she was easy-going as hell. Invited her to my room and she said “yes”. We both knew what was going to happen next but I still had to convince her into making pictures. We arrived at my hotel and that’s where the shit-show started. Once there, the staff would not allow the girl to go with me unless I paid extra (of course). I had no choice, so I paid it. I’m leaving this place the day after tomorrow anyways. Luckily, I only booked this room for 2 nights. Now in my room, I simply just took out my camera without asking and she let me do it. With some sweet talk and telling her that she looked like a model (not a lie), she simply just continued to pose, even when I asked her to undress. Needless to say, this became a wonderful shoot and fuck. Loved her super small waist and bony ass! A creampie was even totally OK for her. She loved it so much that she asked to meet again. I am sure you will all agree with that. I kept her number and Line contact. No hunting tomorrow, as I can’t bring a girl to this hotel. Will walk around and try to find more pussy for the coming days.