Asiansexdiary - Maxin
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Maxin


Pornstar: Maxin

Dear Diary, Last night, after visiting the Apple store and uploading my clip, I just couldn’t sleep. I decided to go to Soho, the place to go out in HK. Many bars and restaurants there. I went to a disco and found out there that I forgot my cam. So stupid. I thought that this was not going to be my night until I started to have fun with a Filipina on the dance floor. Her name is Maxin, was a little under the weather already and in HK to help her aunty with a grocery store. I liked her. Skinny, tall and great legs. We had a drink and I told her, straight-forwardly, that I wanted to make pics of her. She was jumping around at the idea. She totally loved to pose. So, what were we waiting for! I took a taxi to my hotel. From there on, I could start to film. So look for yourself now… these last weeks were probably my best Filipina-weeks ever! All in HK! Didn’t see that coming. Especially after the sad times in AC lately. She left at 6am this morning. I slept all day. Ready now to go to sleep again. Still very tired.