Asiansexdiary - Oay: Part 4
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Oay: Part 4


Pornstar: Oay

Dear Diary, My last day in town. I did some shopping and took the subway. I started to follow a stunner that looked amazing. Skinny and petite, a model type. I was planning to to with her but she seemed to feel my intentions and walked away each time I came closer to her. If a girl does that, it’s always a bad sign. Just go for another girl. Anyways, I had called Oay already and she came at around 7pm. When I told her that I was leaving for Europe tomorrow, she got disappointed. Just look how she behaved. Everything was “NO” from then on. I think that Oay is into more with me. She had hoped and probably planned to see me in the coming days. Even if I promised to see her again when I am back from Europe and Canada, she continued to be dramatic. I didn’t mind at all, as long as I could creampie her before my departure. That is, of course, what I did. She was a starfish but as you know, I loved that with her. She is my favorite horny starfish trophy. Ok guys, see you tomorrow on my flight to Amsterdam. Exciting weeks are coming with real porn stars at 2 different conventions!