Asiansexdiary - May: Cute 18yo Thai girl-ne ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - May: Cute 18yo Thai girl-ne ...


Pornstar: May E

Dear Diary, I went out to some beer bars and came back alone last night. Talked with some girls, just casual. No ‘shooting’ girl yet. This afternoon, I went for a small walk on Second road. Bought some drinks and looked at the bars there (still closed at that time). There is also a massage palace, I should try that. I went back to my room to work a bit and an hour later, I went back out to eat without taking my camera. That’s when I met a cute 18 year old girl, named May, fresh from the province. She only arrived here 3 months ago and you can see that in her, not spoiled by the business yet. After a little talk, she agreed to go to my room to take pictures. I took it slowly but she seemed to not be as shy as I had expected. She already started to suck my dick in the bathroom. After a shower, we moved to the room. Nice boobs and hairy pussy. Fucked her first on the couch, then in bed. This was really a good fuck to start my Pattaya week. Easy city! Sorry I frigged the date, I thought it was the 29th already 🙂