Asiansexdiary - Mouy
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mouy


Pornstar: Mouy

Dear Diary, Been doing research about Malaysia all day and booked a hotel close to the famous Beach club. Probably the first place to monger. At night, I went for a walk hoping to catch one more Thai girl before leaving the country. First, there was nothing until I started to follow a girl in white (also mourning color for the king) and with a good round Latina ass. I started to walk next to her and liked her, even more. A bit chubby… but I like that once in a while. We talked and she smiled. Very easy going girl that just came back from work (works in a small restaurant, she said). I asked to take a picture. Yes. More pics in my room? Yes! Ok, this was a winning game. Her name is Mouy, an 18yo (1 month ago, lucky me). In my room, we continued to flirt and I got her in my sleeping room. I knew that this was going to end with a good deep creampie, so I simply asked to take off her clothes. Look at those grandma panties! So good, haha. Once nude, I liked her even more. A young girl next door with a Latina ass and lovely small boobs. Easy and willing to lick my nipples and suck my dick.. what more can I ask for, tell me!? Isn’t it true that you will only find these types of girls in my diary?? I think so. Anyways, don’t need to tell you that this was an awesome fuck and that I really enjoyed this cutie! She left 20 mins later and again, I forgot to ask for her number. Is that a bad thing? Guys, I leave for Malaysia tomorrow! A new country for ASD!