Asiansexdiary - Khia
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Khia


Pornstar: khia

Dear Diary, I went to do some shopping today as I needed some food and drink. I went to Clark base where it’s more quiet because if I went to SM mall in Angeles, I’m sure I would start mongering again and I really needed some rest after my trip to Thailand. But once I arrived there I saw a long legged Filipina walking around alone. The temptation was too big. I followed her through the whole shop and finally decided to go talk to her. She was surprised and had seen me following her. This is clearly a women who is used to a man’s attention, so she kept her distance. Her basket was full of candy and chocolate, so I know from experience that this woman has the money. Probably from a foreigner. I was allowed to take a picture of her but afterwards she started walking fast in a way that was very clear to me that she didn’t really need my attention so much. But I didn’t give up! I was wondering how beautiful she was under those clothes and thinking that she was probably hot in bed. Her name was Khia. She’s 20yo and an ex-model that already had a baby (I’m sure from a foreigner). She seemed to appreciate me more and more when I started to tell her that I am a fashion photographer. She even agreed to make a little photo shoot with me before going to her child (and husband?). That was a good first step. Once we arrived in my hotel, it was clear to me that this woman had done modeling before. Her posing was so good and she didn’t mind taking off her clothes at all. She did it in a very natural way. I was wondering if she wanted more and I think that I got her horny enough for more when I started touching her nipples. Suddenly, it all went along very smoothly! My god! What a great body this girl has! No sign of post-pregnancy. Perfect. She gave me a sweet BJ, not a wild one, but an honest one with polite kindness. Fucking a model was exactly what I needed to feel welcome again in Angeles City. So I decided to stay here a little longer. Damn, I promised myself to visit another location soon, … I’m weak! haha Anyway, I have plenty of time to visit a new place… horny girls first!