Asiansexdiary - Nap. Man.. see for yourself ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nap. Man.. see for yourself ...


Pornstar: Nap

Dear Diary, I wanted to find new pussy again today but this time, without the help of my pussy delivery service. I heard about two places: Riverside and Wat Phnom. First, I went to Riverside where there are many girls hanging out along the river, sitting alone or in 2s. I just arrived when I already saw one, a petite kind of girl. I talked to her and her English seemed poor. 25 yo, name was Nap. Ok, little talk and then straight to it: “you come with me to my hotel and we make pictures, ok?” She said: “ok!” It’s just that easy, guys! Once in my hotel, it was even more clear how petite she was. I loved it! She turned me on with her little boobs. The best part came when she started to give me a BJ. She was a fucking BJ artist! I had to ask her to stop, otherwise I would cum! So good! Then, later on, when I fucked that small pussy of hers… man! This was a real surprise! It’s the kind of girl that you would not take in a bar, but look how good they can be in bed…. Creampied her and left my signature on her ass that was almost too small to write on it. haha She left and I took a nap 😉 Later on, I went to Wat Pnom temple to look for more girls there. I saw a few but very low quality. There was a little concert also. Check the generator they used to create their electricity! Goodnight