Asiansexdiary - Nok
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nok


Pornstar: Nok B

Dear Diary, Went for my first walk in Singapore. Filmed some cute Singaporean girls and tried to make eye contact, but it is never easy with these locals. On my way back, I saw a cute girl that did not look Singaporean to me. I smiled, she smiled back. I started to talk with her and it turns out that she is a Thai cleaning lady on her day off. We walked together and I asked if I could make some pictures of her. She liked that a lot and I felt that this girl was into more. She seemed to also have nice boobs and was only 23yo, from Phuket. She has been working in Singapore for 3 months now. I felt that she was horny. She was taking my hand and hugging me. We kissed 15 mins after we just met. Ok, up to my hotel for more then! I wish all girls were easy like that. We continued our horny game in my room, shooting it all. A little disappointment when she was naked and saw that she had a baby already but you know, she was still very sexy and had a lot of passion. To be honest, I loved her hanging tits. Licked her pussy and she gave me a real good BJ. You could see that she didn’t have sex for a while now (probably since she arrived in Singapore). I was right about that, so she asked me to do it slowly and confirmed that it had been awhile. Her pussy as tight man, didn’t expect that. This felt wonderful. Great fuck for sure… with a creampie! After that, we had a drink together in the lobby of my hotel. She told me that she was sharing her room with another younger girl that would for sure like to pose, as well. I promised her a gift if she would convince her friend into a shoot with me. She will call me later to tell me if she agreed or not. Ok, guys, see you tomorrow!