Asiansexdiary - Ping
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ping


Pornstar: Ping

Dear Diary, This morning, I booked my ticket to Phuket. After chatting with lovely King (the girl you guys like so much) and knowing that she also would come to Phuket, I gave this trip a final go. I fly next Monday, May 5th. Booked the same hotel as last time, as well. After that, I went to a mall to buy some food until I started to follow a girl with amazing legs. After last night’s crazy fuck with my two tigers, I was not planning to fuck anybody today, but thes legs…. So, I talked to the girl and she was smiling, giggling and all open for me. Man, I couldn’t let that girl go. We had a coffee together. 23yo, but she looked more like 18. And she loved to pose, she said. I didn’t need more to decide to take her to a room (had to take another hotel as Pang was still sleeping in my bed). Once there, she started to be very shy. It seems like she didn’t expect me to make nude pics, as well, but she agreed and we carried on, the whole way. Lovely tits and a nice pussy. Sad that she first wanted me to use a condom but later on, I told her that I couldn’t cum with a condom. That trick works sometimes and it did this time, also. I could do bareback as long as I would cum outside. That was better than nothing, isn’t it!? Even if she was a little passive, I really enjoyed fucking this one, especially because it was so unexpected and because I went to the mall to buy some fruit for Pang, haha. It’s so exciting to cheat on your girlfriend! When back in my room, Pang was still sleeping. She was so happy that I went to the mall to especially buy fruit for her. Good boy! 😉