Asiansexdiary - Potchie
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Potchie


Pornstar: erika Potchie Laiza

Dear Diary, Laiza came over today with Erika and a stunner: Potchie! She’s Rubi’s cousin and I loved her from the very start. Erika just came over to say hello and even if I was happy to see her again, all my attention went straight to Potchies’ boobs. I had to wait until Laiza and Erika left before I could play with them but it didn’t get disappointed once I did. These were the best boobs yet since Elsa’s. Beautiful big boobs with big nipples. Man, this was a fiesta! She started off with a nice BJ, followed by me sucking her pussy like crazy….and then I hurried to stuff my dick inside her, I felt like I was fucking heaven! That’s why I came so fast… the other positions will be for the next time I see her. I told her I want her to be my GF but she knows that Laiza is mine already. So I told her: ‘I’ll leave her for you…’ I just hope she’s not going to tell Laiza or her sister… or I’m dead! She gave me her number then left. I wonder if I can resist…