Asiansexdiary - Qing
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Qing


Pornstar: Qing

Dear Diary, Good news guys! I got a message from a good old friend, Jojo, last night. Remember her? She was happy that I was here and immediately proposed that she bring a friend over today. Of course, I said “yes”. Jojo arrived at 2pm with 2 girls, a young cutie and a MILF. I was happy that it was the young one who came for the shoot. We talk shortly and then Jojo left with her friend. Now, the girl that stayed with me was a pure diamond! Just 18yo and straight from the province. She had a difficult name but I could understand that her nickname was Qing. No English, of course. I started to shoot immediately. She was terribly shy, at first, but I got her to take off all of her clothes. Crazy sexy boobs! I got so horny and started to eat that small pussy of hers. Delicious. She loved it, as well, and came very soon. My turn! She gave a good BJ. It was no ‘masterpiece’, but was still very satisfying. I just had to fuck her so badly (and wildly). Creampied her twice and when I was done, she started to play with my dick so I came one more time… on her boobs. Good job! I must say that Jojo came right at the right time to help me out here. She said that she had one more to bring me soon. Yeah!