Asiansexdiary - Rung
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Rung


Pornstar: Rung

Dear Diary, I changed to another hotel this morning and just when I went for my first walk, I saw a girl walking around with a lot of injuries. I was not filming yet so I started to film while talking to her. Very cute 18yo beauty, being all alone there. Probably a beach girl. She was very easy going with me and I knew that this could be a potential Trophy. After a little talk and a few pictures, I asked her to join me at my room. She said yes and I grabbed her hand. There we went! Once in my room, I started to take more pictures and fell totally in love. She had a lot of injuries because of an accident with her motorbike but I could make it possible not to shoot those scars. First, she was very shy to take off her dress but I managed, step by step, to get her naked. That’s when I saw her innocent, young and fresh pussy. That when I really got horny as hell! This is the type off pussy I love the most. Small, soft, well shaped… a piece of art. So tasty to lick! I really had to fuck this cutie. She was quiet the whole time and seemed to be a little overwhelmed. No wonder! I was like a lion! Perfect body and tits… and that cute face.. wow.. she is probably one of my favorites! Or did I say that a lot of times already? 😉 I came inside of her. I had no choice. She was soooo good, man! A perfect 18yo cutie creampied today! I am proud and satisfied. She stayed 2 more hours and then had to leave. She said that she, for sure, wanted to come back but for now, she had to go back to the beach… a beach girl, I knew it.