Asiansexdiary - Stasia
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Stasia


Pornstar: Stasia

Dear Diary, Went for a long walk, today, hoping to find some Asian girls walking alone. I instead suddenly found a stunning blonde walking towards a square, so I started to follow her. High heels, black short skirt, she had me excited so I walked up to her. From the moment that I started talking to her, with her smiling responses, I knew that this was going to go well. So, I invited her for a drink. She’s a Russian lady, here on vacation to learn English… yeah right! I flirted with her and introduced the idea of making some pictures. She said she was into all “adventures” on this trip. Alright, now I knew it for sure. I just had to find an excuse to bring her to my room. I introduced the idea to make pictures there but she seemed a bit careful, at first, but after 20 minutes of sweet talking, we were on the way to my room. I used all of my tricks to get her undressed, including kissing and touching, until I took off her panties and ate her pussy. She got so wild that she even forgot that I was still filming the whole thing, haha. Pretty good catch for a second walk in the city, isn’t it? And then the best part still had to come: After some dirty talking, I simply just started to fuck her ass like it was mine and she just loved it! All with a facial cumshot to finish this piece of art! After that, we went to eat something and she gave me her number. Hoping for more, but I will keep on looking for Asians! That was my promise to you.