Asiansexdiary - Wiw
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Wiw


Pornstar: Wiw

Dear Diary, Woke up this morning and decided to move to another hotel. I found a good one with a nice big room. I will stay here for 2 nights and then probably try another last hotel before leaving next week. I got a message, from An, once I was in my new room saying that she had a new girl for me, a 20 year old nursing student. She could come over tonight, after school. She did not have any picture for me but she told me that she was really beautiful. I said “yes”, hoping that she told me the truth. I trust An. I went for a walk this afternoon and then went on a tuktuk tour in the city. At 8pm, An arrived with her friend Wiw. She was really super-cute, even if she looked a bit chubby at first. She smiled all the time and had an animating figure and face. No English, only Lao. No problem for me. As this was a first time for Wiw and has never been with a customer, for sure never with a foreigner, An told me to go slowly. No 3some here, then. So An left and I started to do a shoot with Wiw. She was really doing her best and was lovely all the time. Really a precious girl. Would love to have her as my nurse, one day. I slowly asked her to take off her clothes and started to realize how beautiful this girl really is. She has that old Hollywood-star face and figure. She reminded me of that actress Isabella Rosselini. I started to fall in love with this Lao beauty. The more nude, the more horny I got. I really wanted to fuck this little sweetheart. When totally nude, I started to eat her pussy and made her cum. She loved it. She gave me a very nice and long BJ. I couldn’t wait, I wanted to fuck her. Just listen to her little noises. She loved it, as well. I started to call her a little student slut, haha… I lost all control, that’s horny I was. Creampied her in doggy, good and deep inside. My god, this was a true miracle. Thanks An, thanks Laos! I think An will be my future pussy-delivery teammate. I am coming back to Laos for this, for sure. I also kept Wiw’s number. She deserves a second round.