Asiansexdiary - Adelia
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Adelia


Pornstar: Adelia

Dear Diary, Ice’s cousin, Adelia, finally passed by today. She came all alone and was very shy, at first. 18yo super skinny girl next door type. You can imagine how excited I was! Her English was surprisingly good enough for basic conversation and she seemed to know well in advance of what I agreed with Ice about, taking pictures and so on. Ice warned me that she’s only ever had one BF before. I had to be slow with her. And yes, that seemed to be the case. NICE! I got her to undress and she really looked like a Filipina to me, so I even got more excited. When it was time for a BJ, it was clear that she never really did that before. I explained it to her and she did the best that she could. Turns out, too, that I was also the very fist to ever eat her pussy. She later told me that she’s never felt anything like it before and that she loved it… of course. And then – we started to fuck. It really felt like I was fucking a virgin! Maybe the smallest pussy I’ve ever fucked and it felt so damn good. We tried different positions and I tried to do it slow and not too long for her. Got to creampie her and by then, she was really exhausted haha. She has a lot to learn, still. Good news is that she is willing to learn and will come back for more…. I can’t wait!!!