Asiansexdiary - Wan, “This is for wha ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Wan, “This is for wha ...


Pornstar: Wan B

Dear Diary, Life is full of surprises, guys! What happened today was beyond my expectations and fantasies. I was in Mongkok looking for a place where it is said to have girls. It’s the Chinese BBS system. It’s always hidden and you need to have balls to get inside. I was looking for such a place but didn’t find it. You really need to know the signs and for me, it was the first time. So I asked two MILFs sitting outside, selling fruit. They didn’t speak English, so I used my translator, asking where to find sexy girls. They were laughing and saying this place has moved to another place and they didn’t know where. But one of them said she wanted to go with me. Giggling and all. She really liked me. I was thinking no way! But then… I thought: why not? Maybe if I take her now, she will help me next time when I want to find more Chinese girls, like younger ones. So we went to a hotel on the same street. As I didn’t expect all of this, I wasn’t filming before and took out my cam walking the stairs. I got more and more horny. That MILF must have been 40 and had her pajamas on, already (typical Chinese). Once in the room ,it went from one surprise to another. She was really horny and totally into it! She was clearly hungry for my cock and gave me a really good BJ. Then her tits: I call them elephant nipples. Never seen something like that before. I got wild and the fuck was great. I put my finger in her ass and she didn’t push it out. Good sign. Let’s try some ass fucking! Wow, that went easy! Man, this was real horny! I loved it and creampied her ass! Guys, never say no to a Chinese MILF. It’s a hidden secret of the Chinese empire! What more will I discover in China in a few days?