Asiansexdiary - Aeda
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Aeda


Pornstar: Aeda

Dear Diary, I decided to go disco hunting in Kuta, today, where all the discos and foreigners stay. I went from one disco to another and did not know how to get any action here. Way too many foreigners and I promised myself that I’d find a local today. When I left the busy and noisy discos, I ended up and a more quiet bar where a girl was sitting alone and dressed very sexy. She looked Asian but not 100%. I was curious and went to talk with her. Turned out, she was open to me from the start. Her name is Aeda and she’s a 19yo from Bandung, Indonesia. Her father was Dutch. That explains her different look. As she was wearing such sexy heels and dress, I felt like she might be the kind that likes to hook up. We talked a little longer and she was not shy in asking me to take her out. She in fact just arrived from Bandung today and was totally ready to party. I asked her if I could take some pictures, as well, and that was all ok with her. So of course, we didn’t waste our precious time and walked to my hotel for some fun. The way she was walking with her heels made me super horny already. We kissed in the elevator and once in my room, there was no time for hesitation. Grabbed her ass and tits. She went on her knees to suck my dick. Simple. Easy. We were both so super-horny and this little slut just loved being filmed. Fucked her while standing with our clothes still on. Later on, I undressed her little by little. Her ass was super petite and she is quite a tall girl (Dutch genes, for sure). That’s so sexy. At the end, I could even creampie her. What a good girl. She is now sleeping here. So part 2 is likely for tomorrow.