Asiansexdiary - Airlady Juliet Part 1: I fi ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Airlady Juliet Part 1: I fi ...


Pornstar: Juliet

Dear Diary, Today was a day to never forget. Remember how many times I’ve been filming and following those Flight Attendants for the last few months? I always wanted to talk to them but I somehow never had the courage to do it. I woke up and did a walk close to the harbor when I suddenly saw a flight attendant making some phone calls on her cell. I went over and sat closer to her and decided to make my first step. I followed her a little and then said hello. She was clearly surprised but was also nice enough to talk to me. The road where I was is close to the airport, so she was probably just there on her way to a hotel. I was right. She just had a flight from Cebu to Manila and had to wait a night to fly back to Cebu tomorrow. After a little talking with her, it was clear that she was interested in more. I could make pictures easily and suddenly she started talking about her hotel. When I asked if I could make more pictures there, she totally agreed to it! I still didn’t know what to expect but this was for sure a good sign. When I arrived in her hotel room, she told me that she was bored and felt alone. So I made a joke, saying that I could stay with her… she was very fast to say “Yes!” So, guys, I knew then that I could start my pussy-hunting program. We made a lot of pictures and the more I made, the more she started to look at me with those hungry eyes. This flight attendant needed to get laid! Suddenly, she just grabbed my jeans and opened my pants… she couldn’t wait to take my dick in her mouth. Man, another dream came true today! This was even one of the most horny girls I have met so far in the Philippines. I didn’t even wait to take her clothes off before I started fucking her as fast as I could. I came 4 TIMES in her pussy! I filmed like 2 hours of sex with this air-bitch! As of right now, I am still in her room while she sleeps so I decided to edit the first part of this encounter for today. I will post the second part of today’s adventures by tomorrow. There’s no doubt that I will fuck her a few more times through the night. She needs to fly back tomorrow morning.