Asiansexdiary - Jieb massage
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Jieb massage


Pornstar: Jieb

Dear Diary, Had a walk in the bar street here tonight but I it seemed to be too early yet. I did not see many girls and the ones I did… were old. I went back to my hotel since I saw that I could ask for a massage in the room. I told reception to send me a girl and 15 minutes later, a 20yo girl entered the room. Her name is Jieb. She didn’t look very sexy and generally I don’t fancy short hair, but she was sweet. Before she arrived I had installed 2 cameras and I was also filming with my glasses. I didn’t really expect anything but once she started to give the massage, I felt that she was into more with the way she was giving the massage, looking into my eyes and doing it so softly. I found out she had no bra and panties on, so I knew that this was another type of massage. I asked her straight forward to massage my dick. Without hesitation, she started to give me a wonderful long and lovely professional BJ. I didn’t mind about her short hair anymore, especially after discovering her fat ass!! This was a great way to start my first trip to Chiang Mai! This is Thailand, they know how to threat their customers! My God, I fucked her so long and wildly. It was clear that she loved it as much as I did. No questioning condoms, she was going for it and screaming. Man, that ass in doggy! Tried to fuck her ass as well but she had no experience with this, so I stopped trying. This was a great fuck and creampie, after all. I had planned to go to the bars again tonight but I was too tired. That will be for tomorrow.